Samsung T1 SSD review


There are many examples which have catapulted Samsung to heights over the years and storage is another coveted segment where they want to lay their hands. And that’s our topic for the day with product focus being put on Samsung T1 portable solid state storage drive. What’s different about this one? For starters, you can carry SSD in your pockets, and we are serious about each word that we mentioned a while back. What’s more to know then?

Samsung T1 SSD is piece of art, which is astonishingly small in size and feather light at 30 grams! When have we ever discussed the dimensions of an SSD so deeply? Samsung forced us to do the unconventional. The square-shaped device carries a sense of durability with its finish and the materials used make us feel comfortable about using the drive even in rough and tough conditions.

They’ve made use of standard USB 3.0 port, which releases the drive into full-throttle (more on that later) making it a heavy data user’s dream gadget. On the whole, Samsung has done a terrific job in making sure the T1 SSD is as portable and durable, as it is.

Heading straight to the business end of the drive’s existence i.e. data storage and to analyze the rate at which you can expect T1 to function. And much to our delight, the numbers crunched out by the drive are impressive to say the least. Samsung T1 external SSD is available in 256/512 and 1TB storage options for a starting price of Rs 10,800.

We used the drive and compared the same with Seagate Backup Plus Slim as there isn’t any other portable SSD that can be pitted against the might of T1 SSD right now.

The portable nature of Samsung T1 SSD may be attractive as a product, but the company is charging a premium for it. Samsung T1 SSD is priced much higher than most standard hard disk drives and even SSDs that one can buy. This higher cost-per GB value may become a big hindrance for consumers who are keen on limiting their budget to buy a storage drive.

There is a lot to like about the Samsung T1 SSD and most of this based on the product’s uniqueness. The drive is ultra-portable at 30 grams and slim-size dimension is very much appreciated as well. You get the fast-paced Solid State Drive (SSD) in 256/512 and 1TB storage options, and when you combine speed with storage— that’s your perfect package.

All the major pluses of T1 SSD get ruined by pricing. Also, the drive is high on its cost-per GB value, which influence in buying decision for storage drive.

Samsung, which claims to preach innovation, has put its best foot forward with the T1 SSD. The drive offers fast speeds via USB 3.0 connectivity and you get storage up to 1TB in a palm-size device, which weighs a meager 30 grams. Buy the drive if you’re looking for fast storage solutions that can easily fit into your pockets literally.

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