PlanetOftheVapes Review

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Red’s Dead

Cinnamon bubblegum in a deliciously moreish combination.

I’m a bit of a cinnamon snob. I love the stuff, both to eat and in e-liquid form, however I haven’t found many cinnamon based e-liquids I can happily vape all day long. I definitely can with Red’s Dead, the cinnamon in Red’s Dead satisfies my cinnamon lust without becoming too overbearing. The dryness from the bubblegum chews is there at the exhale, yet it’s not an unpleasant dryness, it’s more like your tastebuds being refreshed ready for the next inhale!

Jake Daniels

As the name suggests, this juice tastes like a well made, well balanced bourbon and coke. It’s absolutely delicious and has ADV potential.

The main overriding impression I was left with from Jake Daniels was that it’s a strong, sweet cola vape, I couldn’t detect any whisky in Jake Daniels even after allowing it to steep for the recommended two weeks. Cola for me is definitely the overriding flavour here, if the whisky was a touch stronger and more prominent on the aftertaste this would make a lovely vape for a night out!

Unfortunately it’s not one I was too keen on, however my missus thought it was great. Just goes to show how everyone’s tastes differ!

Man Cakes

This delicious combination of maple and banana with pancakes will have you salivating. The pancake element adds a surprising amount of depth to the flavour.

A banana and maple syrup pancake stack is arguably my favourite way to start the day, and it’s really pleasing to see it recreated so well in e-liquid form as Man Cakes. It’s only missing bacon for me and it would be the ideal breakfast vape! You have an authentic ripe fruity tasting banana being carried by maple syrup, nice doughy pancakes on the exhale, this goes down well with a spot of freshly brewed coffee and the morning papers!

Who doesn’t love a good old Man Cake?! You won’t be disappointed here


Authentic tobacco with woody overtones

Smoak does well to remain a ‘lighter’ tobacco vape but at the same time, there is an evident smoothness to Smoak that I put down to the 70VG content, and the woody undertones provide a richness to the juice at the same time. Crucially, this does not seem to give my coils too many problems, which is a bonus when you consider how bad a lot of tobacco juices can be for your coils! Cloud production is excellent too, which you would put down to the 70/30 VG/PG blend.

If ‘true’ tobacco is more your thing, and you baulk at the prices charged by certain suppliers of fine ‘true’ tobaccos, then I would recommend Smoak. It will satisfy even the most hardy tobacco enthusiast!

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