Friends always teases me that I have way too many sunglasses! They clutter my cup holders and you can find random pairs in just about every nook and cranny of my car. But sunglasses are like lipstick: you can never have too many and they are all so different! I feel like they can make the most basic outfit pop and – as a mom – when you don’t want to do your make-up they are a life saver! Gotta hide those under eye bags 🙂 I have so many over-sized round frames and I’ve been trying to find the perfect more delicate round frame for that everyday California vibe. I just got these from Zenni Optical’s new LA Collection and love them! I’ve put together my list of 4 small essential fashion lifesavers for everyday style.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses are the best secret weapon. For those mornings after you stayed up too late finishing a deadline or are still getting over that jetlag from your latest getaway (my sleep schedule still isn’t back on track!), there’s no faster fix than a cute pair of sunglasses. Just got these with amber tinted lenses and also loving these and these.

Lipstick: You may not always have time for makeup, but between your sunglasses and a swipe of your go-to shade of lipstick, you’ll be the only one that knows you traded in a full face of makeup for those 10 extra minutes of sleep. 😉

Gel Manicure: With regular nail polish my nails always chip in 2 seconds, and who has time to worry about touching up your manicure every other day? A fresh manicure always looks put together and gel polish will last the longest.

Designer Bag: Another small detail that will always go a long way is a designer bag. They will elevate even the most basic jeans and tee combo.