With computers doubling as entertainment units and external storage becoming the norm, most desks from gamers’ dens to the consummate office professional’s are prone to becoming a mess of tangled cords at some stage. Enter the Satechi Aluminium Mini Docking Station (the folks at Satechi say Aluminum but I’m sticking my stubborn writers’ heels in on this one and spelling it in the King’s).

This nifty albeit arguably illiterate device connects to your computer via a simple USB plug and organises all your cords into the one place. It has room for four USB 3.0 ports, a gigabit ethernet port, 4k HDMI output and DVI video connections and a 3.5mm port for your headphones. Despite boasting all of these features, it’s pretty tiny and won’t get in your way no matter what your office looks like. It’s über inconspicuous, looks the part, and the aluminium casing is super sleek and stylish, however you choose to pronounce it.