Saturday, March 12th, 2016


Samsung T1 SSD review

There are many examples which have catapulted Samsung to heights over the years and storage is another coveted segment where they want to lay their hands. And that’s our topic for the day with product focus being put on Samsung T1 portable solid state storage drive. What’s different about this one? For starters, you can carry SSD in your pockets, and we are serious about each word that we mentioned a while back. What’s more to know then? Design Samsung T1 SSD is piece of art, which is astonishingly smallRead More

Samsung UE32J6300

Introduction and features What are curved TVs for, exactly? They might be ‘curved like your eyes’, but lend a bend to a flat-panel TV and a more immersive image isn’t the result. In fact, it actually makes very little difference. After a couple of years wondering if adding a curve to a TV was actually just a sly way of making all-new Ultra HD TVs irresistible though, along comes the tiny Full HD Samsung UE32J6300 to refute that argument. Is anyone buying 32-inch TVs anymore? We’re not so sure, butRead More

LG 49UF770V

Introduction, features and performance The LG 49UF770V is one of LG’s more affordable 4K screens, and it’s almost an outstanding mid-range Ultra HD TV. Almost. Ultra HD televisions are now utterly mainstream. Where once they were only available to those with their early-adopter wallets bursting at the seams, now they come in all shapes and sizes – and, more importantly, prices. Of course you still have the hugely expensive options, like Panasonic’s mighty £8,000 TX-65CZ952 OLED screen and the gorgeously flat LG 65EF950V, but by contrast you can also pickRead More

Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3

Windows 10 Mobile is a versatile operating system and it’ll happily sit on larger screened devices. Whether anyone actually wants the combination of Windows 10 Mobile on a bigger display though is up for debate, but that hasn’t stopped Alcatel launching the OneTouch Pixi 3 (8) at CES 2016. This 8-inch tablet is a decidedly budget affair, and although Alcatel is yet to release pricing details for the Pixi 3 I’m confident it’ll be entry-level in cost. It does mean there’s no direct competition for the Pixi 3 (8) toRead More

Lenovo Tab3

Lenovo has taken aim squarely at the family market with its low-cost Tab3 7 and Tab3 8 tablets – offering up a familiar Android experience with low-end specs at a low price. The Key difference between the Tab3 7 and 8 is, as you have probably guessed, the screen – with the latter offering up an 8-inch HD display and the former a standard definition 7 inches. These are not tablets built for the premium end of the market, and it shows. The tablets look and feel cheap – constructedRead More

Gionee S6 review: A sleek mid-range smartphone

Gionee has been offering a number of smartphones in mid-range and budget price segment in the country. The company has successfully delivered good value for money handsets in the form of Marathon M4 and the recent M5, which are designed to offer a great battery life to users. The company’s Elife series also has a number of smartphone that are sleek and powerful enough to execute all smartphone-related tasks. The Elife S7 is one example that is the slimmest dual-SIM smartphone around. And today, we have the Gionee S6, whichRead More

Zoostorm Touchscreen Laptop 7270-9013

Introduction and design At the bottom-end of the laptop market, manufacturers can sometimes find it quite challenging to change the status quo and innovate. Sometimes, it takes courage to move away from boring blueprints and try something new, especially when you have much, much bigger competitors to face. This is exactly what the Zoostorm 7270-9013, priced at a couple of pence under £200, is trying to do – the UK-based vendor could certainly have chosen a more memorable name, but that doesn’t diminish the appeal of what’s on offer here.Read More

Asus ROG G752 Review

Introduction and design Once all but a misnomer, today there are more gaming notebooks to choose from than ever. While the trend lately has favored more more svelte and understated gaming laptops, machines packing a big screen and big performance haven’t gone anywhere. Asus’s enthusiast gamer hardware and accessory line, Republic of Gamers (ROG), includes a range of ROG PCs and laptops packing the latest performance hardware into distinct chassis and frames that are aimed to stand out. Following last year’s highly-praised Asus ROG G751, the Asus ROG G752 isRead More

Samsung Galaxy On5 Review

Samsung knows fully well that it will be losing its low-end smartphone customers very soon if it doesn’t provide a good VFM handset under 10k. We now have 3 companies that have made this segment fiercely competitive : Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei. (I am not counting Micromax because its quality control is pathetic). Cutting the chase – why I bought this phone while ignoring the above Chinese brands: 1. Trust on Samsung. I have previously owned a Samsung feature-phone and it lasted 6 years (and it still functions!). 2. ChangeRead More

iPhone 6 Design – Apple on to a winner

When it was released in 2014 the iPhone 6 was one of the hottest smartphone on the market. Featuring a completely rethought design, Apple loaded the iPhone 6 with a wealth of custom software and hardware features. The combination of hardware and software features made the iPhone 6 one of the most innovative and powerful smartphones ever seen. However, one year on Apple’s competitors have come out swinging releasing their own wave of top-end innovative handsets. Chief among these have been LG with its stellar G4 handset and Samsung withRead More